Society Matters CIC is proud to have been approved as an Accredited Learning Centre by national accrediting body ncfe.

Executive Director Jayne Graham MBE is excited about the opportunity to deliver accredited training, as this will make a huge difference to the people the social enterprise supports.

“Many of the people we support are looking for their next steps towards employment, so being able to provide a certificate or award that verifies what they have learnt on our programmes makes a huge difference. Qualifications not only demonstrate to an employer that the individual has committed to the learning programme and worked hard to achieve their certificate; they also make a huge difference to people’s self esteem, making it much more likely that they will apply for a job in the first place, and improving their performance in interviews”.







Beth Ainslie, Project Coordinator

Beth Ainslie, Project Coordinator at Society Matters CIC, has been supporting people through their community learning programmes for the past 12 months, and has first hand experience of the impact of being able to hand over a certificate. Beth explains

“People who honestly thought they had nothing to offer have been overwhelmed when we have been able to award them a Certificate of Completion at the end of their programme, which involves a wide range of learning opportunities, including work experience, classroom learning and mentoring.

Now being able to elevate this to a qualification will be even more transformational for the people we’re working with, most of whom are searching for where to go next in their lives.”

As well as becoming an accredited learning centre, Society Matters CIC has received independent quality endorsement from ncfe for its unique approach to social welfare training. Training courses provide support organisations with the knowledge they need to add even more value to their clients. You can find out about courses running across the UK here.

Society Matters CIC is a trading subsidiary of charity Citizens Advice Gateshead. The social enterprise, which is also registered as a community interest company, has the dual objective of adding social value whilst generating income to add to the resources of the charity to enable it to achieve its vision of a fair society for all with lives well lived.