Social Welfare Training


Boost the impact of your support services

Our already highly acclaimed social welfare training courses have been designed to help you to add social value through your day to day work.

Who should attend

This course is ideal for people and organisations that want to boost the impact of their support services across the full spectrum of social welfare, including:

Social housing  |  Financial inclusion  |  Health and wellbeing  |  Care services 

Employability  |  Resettlement  |  Immigration  |  Energy and utilities

By understanding the detail of social welfare support in practice you will be better equipped to support your clients with crisis prevention and resolution. 

What you can expect

Dynamic course content reaches deep into the real lives of the people supported through the social welfare support system, equipping your staff with the knowledge they need to anticipate, understand and  respond to potential challenges being faced by their clients. 

Independently quality endorsed learning modules are designed to help you to understand policy in practice, so you can better help clients to navigate the complexities of today’s welfare support system.

Our training development and delivery teams are experts in their field who you can be assured have the most up to date knowledge.

As a trading subsidiary of Citizens Advice Gateshead, we have direct access to in-depth and expert knowledge of social welfare issues, through many years of supporting clients hands-on with the challenges they are facing in their lives.

Training courses

Robustly designed and quality endorsed by ncfe, our training courses are highly interactive, breaking through the complexities of the social welfare support system to build your knowledge and, critically, to give you the confidence to use it.

Our approach to course development has been modular – each learning module has been designed to build on the next, serving to deepen and broaden participants’ knowledge and understanding throughout.

In-house courses can be tailored specifically to meet your individual needs.

Module1: Get to grips with Universal Credit 

Module 2: Legacy Benefits and natural migration to Universal Credit

Module 3: Challenging Welfare Benefits decisions

Coming soon …

Module 4: Personal Independence Payments 

Module 5: Debt prevention – reducing the causes and managing the effects

Open and in-house courses

You can participate in training workshops and courses held on a regular basis in venues across the North East. 

Check our Training calendar or get in touch to find out about courses taking place near you soon. 

If you would prefer social welfare training that’s tailored to your organisation’s specialist areas of interest that’s right up our street – we would love to work with you to deliver a programme in-house. Get in touch to talk through your requirements. 

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