In light of the ending of the eviction ban which was put in place to protect tenants from eviction during the pandemic, people need more support now than ever to stay in their homes, so Society Matters cic has designed another social welfare training course in response – ‘Housing Matters’.

The effect of Covid-19 is still very real for millions of people, with their financial position being more fragile than ever before. Many people who, before last March, were just about coping are now facing poverty, and those already suffering are being hit even harder. Society Matters wants to share the knowledge its parent charity has of housing matters, to maximise the support available to people at the earliest possible opportunity, rather than when they face crisis and, worst case scenario, eviction.

Jayne Graham MBE, Executive Director of Society Matters cic, explains

“The direct link between housing matters and physical and mental health makes housing a critical factor in achieving a life well lived. A safe, secure roof over their heads is the linchpin families need to be able to thrive but, for many, significant instability comes from housing challenges, some of which can be avoided with access to the right information at the right time. We’re proud to be launching our half day Housing Matters workshop training, priced at only £35 + vat hopefully we’ll be able to get plenty of people trained to support people who need help, at the time they need it most.”

To find out more about the Housing Matters workshop training click here.

If you find yourself in urgent need of housing advice and information please contact Citizens Advice national Adviceline on 0800 144 8848