Managing Stress and Personal Resilience

Managing Stress and Personal Resilience

When we move from being under pressure to being stressed, we can be affected physically, mentally and emotionally. Recognising the signs of stress and managing your reaction to it can help you improve your wellbeing, both at work and in your private life, and live a better more balanced life.

This two-hour session is an practical introduction to the concepts of stress and resilience, combined with practical exerices and materials that can be used immediately to reframe your vision of stress and start to build change into your life


Being resilient doesn’t mean being rigid; it means adapting and changing

By increasing your personal resilience, you will build a toolkit of methods to understand stress, be aware of your emotions and manage your thoughts to live a better life. 

You’ll become empowered to change your outlook and mindset, recognising the triggers that cause stress and learning how to recognise their effects and change them for the better. 

This is, of course, the start of a journey and you will also be given tools that you can use in the future to continue your development and signposted to resources that allow you to explore the subject in a deeper fashion.

What will you learn?

Through a combination of quickfire activities, exercises, quizzes and shared experiences, you will be helped to make your mark on stress and personal resilience by learning about:

The definition of stress, its causes and sources and effects.

The connection between stress and pressure, and the signs of both.

The methods you can use to reduce personal stress

The meaning and value of personal resilience

Using mindfulness, lifestyle and attitude change to increase resilience 

How much will it cost?

Society Matters cic is registered as a community interest company. Our profits are gift-aided to charity. As a social enterprise we pride ourselves on fair and affordable pricing.

Book your place for only £35.00 + vat per person

Discounts may be available for groups and multiple bookings. Please ask!

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