Deep Dive into the Universal Credit Claims Process

Deep Dive into the Universal Credit Claims Process

Last year Citizens Advice had to support more than 230,000 people with their initial claim for Universal Credit. This figure has sky rocketed this year due to the coronavirus with millions of new claims due to people being made redundant or losing hours at work. It’s a fact that this figure will increase as time progresses.

It is crucial that the initial claim for Universal Credit is done correctly or the consequences can be devastating for your client!

At a time where the vulnerable need our help more than ever our ‘Deep Dive into the Universal Credit Claims Process’ course will help your clients avoid the numerous pitfalls and barriers the often-complex Universal Credit Claims process can present.

The projected 5 week wait for your clients Universal Credit first payment can be severe and have immediate consequences: 70% of people found themselves in debt, 57% experienced issues with their mental or physical health, and 56% experienced housing issues.

 If a claim is not processed properly the wait can become significantly longer and the issues can get significantly worse. 35% of Universal Credit claimants waited, or were waiting, longer than six weeks for their first payment.

A third report experiencing poor communication with the DWP with 30% having experienced underpayments. Over- and underpayment are particularly rife amongst those in work, with 50% in work affected. We would like to help you get these figures down!

At Society Matters we understand that charities and businesses want the best for their clients and work force. Our Universal Credit Citizens Advice, expert in the room, has a wealth of experience having worked for the specialist Help to Claim service and dealing with people with complex needs on a daily basis.

What will you learn about the Universal Credit claims process?

The fully interactive course, guides you through the Universal Credit journey from the perspective of the people behind the process. This includes the challenges, risks and practical steps involved in making a claim, how to manage a claim, avoid sanctions, and how best to respond if things don’t go to plan.  Through a combination of case studies, exercises, quizzes and insights we will help you really get to grips with supporting your clients and getting the best possible outcome for them in a timely manner by learning about:

The eligibility criteria for Universal Credit, the exceptions to these criteria and the way nationality and immigration status interacts with this.

The role of ‘legacy benefits’ – what are they and how do they interact with your client’s  Universal Credit claim.

The changes in circumstances that will (and won’t) lead to ‘natural migration’ to Universal Credit and what transitional protection is available.

How Universal Credit is calculated, including the six elements of Universal Credit, maximum payments and the application of deductions.

What additional financial support is available to clients who are claiming Universal Credit.

The Universal Credit claim itself, with a video demonstration and analysis of conditionality groups, non-digital claims, identity verification, trusted organisations and the key problems claimants experience

Quick Benefits Calculator (QBC), a package used to give an accurate assessment of a client’s benefit entitlement, and other sources of information.

How much will it cost?

Society Matters cic is registered as a community interest company. Our profits are gift-aided to charity. As a social enterprise we pride ourselves on fair and affordable pricing.

Please get in touch to discuss various in-house training options, or to find out about future courses.

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