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Advice, inspiration and training to deliver real social value.



If you, like us believe that society matters, you have probably already introduced initiatives that are making a difference in your local community, or you’re adding social value in some other way through your business activities or your staff.


But are you keen to do more, so you can really make your mark? Through a partnership with Society Matters CIC you will be able to get your CSR policy off the shelf and put into action. Through talking things over we’re sure to come up with loads of ideas for us to work together, but here are a few to get the conversation started:


Social Insights Workshop

Corporate Social Action Planning 

Society Matters Award Programme 

Social Insights Workshop

So why does society matter, really?

Your Social Insights Workshop will be a high impact session that offers your team a deep dive into the social problems being faced by many members of our society, to really get to grips with why society matters.


By getting a new perspective on the pictures of society that we see every day, and some of the tough decisions families are having to make, your employees will be even more aware of why you, individually and collectively, need to be doing something about it.

Get in touch to find out more or book a workshop today.

Corporate Social Action Planning

Our aim is to help you to make your mark on society in a way that also contributes to your business success.

If you’re clear you want to take action, but you’re not sure how, we can help. With over twenty years of strategic planning and leadership experience uniquely spanning private, public and social sectors, we can help you to come up with practical ways that your organisation can fulfil your CSR objectives.


We have bucket-loads of ideas for improving your social action, through skills sharing, influencing, fundraising and championing social value – within your organisation and indirectly through your own supplier network. We also have lots of connections and networks we can plug you into so you can share best practice and bring some energy into your thinking – with our help your Corporate Social Action plan will soon emerge so you can get on and start delivering it.


Get in touch to find out more, or book your planning session today.

Society Matters Award Programme

Coming soon … When you’re making your mark on society, why not evidence the difference you’re contributing?

To help you to prove to your stakeholders within and outside your organisation the meaningful way you are making your mark on society we will soon be launching a ‘Society Matters Award’ Programme. This isn’t a glitzy dinner or ceremony – we can all find much better ways to spend our money on making a difference – but it is a highly tangible way for you to be recognised for the social value you and your colleagues are delivering.

We would love you to be one of the first to pilot the Society Matters Award Programme with us. If you’re interested in talking through how you can demonstrate how you stand above your competitors to clearly show how much society matters means to your organisation and your employees, please get in touch to talk it through.

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