Get to Grips with Understanding Current Welfare Benefits

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Get to Grips with Understanding Current Welfare Benefits

Since the introduction of Universal Credit and PIP in 2013 with the objective of simplifying the welfare state, there are still multiple ‘legacy’ benefits that are being claimed by millions of people. This short course provides newcomers to welfare benefits with an overview of 14 welfare benefits that are currently being claimed in the UK.

Who should attend this course?

This Get to Grips with Understanding Current Welfare Benefits training course, which is delivered in a virtual classroom environment, is designed to help the people and organisations that are providing social welfare support. 

What will you learn?

Through a combination of case studies, exercises, quizzes and insights from our welfare benefits ‘expert in the room’, you will be helped to become familiar with current welfare benefits, so by the end of this training you will be able to understand:

An overview of 14 current welfare benefits being claimed in the UK (including Universal Credit and PIP)

Eligibility criteria for each of these welfare benefits and the payments that apply

Factors that might affect those claims in the future


Two very knowledgeable tutors, both engaging and delivered the appropriate information at the correct pace and level.”

PIP Training Course: Mental Health Concern

How much will it cost?

Society Matters cic is registered as a community interest company. Our profits are gift-aided to charity. As a social enterprise we pride ourselves on fair and affordable pricing.

Book your place for only £35.00 + vat per person

Discounts may be available for groups and multiple bookings. Please ask!

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