Get Business Ready for Universal Credit

A workshop for socially responsible employers

Get Business Ready for Universal Credit

The introduction of Universal Credit changed the financial landscape for workers on part-time or variable hour contracts, allowing them to continue receiving payments as they earn. The Coronavirus pandemic has seen a dramatic increase in people claiming the benefit for the very first time, often to supplement lost earnings as businesses reduce costs to allow them to cope.

However there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding Universal Credit, and making and managing a claim can be complicated for your employees; if not handled carefully by employers it can cause a further layer of difficulty and distress. Simply being given a bonus, being paid different weekly amounts, or being paid monthly rather than 4-weekly can lead to serious financial difficulties.

But employers Society Matters cic has your back. This 2.5 hour workshop session will help you to get business ready for Universal Credit.

Who should attend this workshop?

The Get Business Ready for UC workshop, which is delivered in a virtual classroom environment, is designed to help HR Managers, business owners and Directors whose staff may be claiming Universal Credit.  

The workshop is designed to help socially responsible employers to understand the basics of Universal Credit from your employees’ perspective, and the ways that your own business policies and procedures can affect staff who are claiming so you can ensure your policies are not disadvantaging your loyal staff unintentionally.

As well as leaving the workshop properly informed, you will also receive a free employer checklist to work through in your own business to identify any areas for change that you can put into practice right now.

What will you learn?

Through a combination of case studies, exercises, quizzes and insights from our welfare benefits ‘expert in the room’, you will be helped to get ‘business ready’ for Universal Credit.

During the 2.5 hour session you will be able to:

  • Understand the elements that make up Universal Credit and how this is paid
  • Understand how your pay policies can affect your employees’ eligibility for benefits
  • Be better equipped to support your employees in times of hardship

“Almost 1.5 million people are claiming Universal Credit compared to this time last year, and many of them are employed. I really hope that employers take the opportunity to attend this workshop which demystifies Universal Credit so their policies and payroll practices are properly aligned.”

Heather Lee, Chair of Directors, Society Matters cic

How much will it cost?

Society Matters cic is registered as a community interest company. Our profits are gift-aided to charity. As a social enterprise we pride ourselves on fair and affordable pricing.

Book your place for only £45.00 + vat per person

Discounts may be available for groups and multiple bookings. Please ask!

Please get in touch to discuss various in-house training options, or to find out about future courses.

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