Community Learning

Helping people to take the next positive step on their journey to a life well lived

Through a careful blend of non-accredited and accredited community learning programmes we are tangibly helping people who are unemployed or economically inactive to find a new way forward.

Some of our participants have got into work – often in jobs they hadn’t previously even thought about or dreamt they could have done. We get a huge buzz from helping someone to turn their life around in this way, and it often doesn’t take much. Just some positive encouragement and input from our amazing community learning team makes a huge difference.

For us it’s about the quality of support, rather than the quantity, and our unique ingredients are work experience and mentoring. We’ve found that by providing people the opportunity to be supported to see themselves differently in the world of work it can open their eyes to new possibilities, quickly becoming their ticket into a new phase of their life journey. 

The end point for us isn’t always a job. Some of our participants are now actively volunteering their time with our charity, Citizens Advice Gateshead; others have gone on to further training because they’ve gained the confidence to enable them to do so. What we always know is that, one way or another, our unique and impactful  Community Learning Programmes invariably help people to find a new way forward.

 Check out our Community Learning projects here or get in touch to discuss how you can get involved in delivering or funding our programmes.


“I now have more confidence and I’m able to do jobs I thought I couldn’t do. It was fantastic!”  Where Next? “Now volunteering and learning new skills.”

Participant in Employment Insights and Options

Community Learning Projects

“I enjoyed all the programme! Interview techniques were great and new interview questions really helped – thanks!” Where Next? “Into paid work or volunteering.”

Participant in Employment Insights and Options 2019

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