Pay It Forward Charity Discount Fund

Pay It Forward Charity Discount Fund

Through the Pay It Forward Charity Discount Fund Society Matters cic is making critical social welfare training accessible to the community and voluntary sector.

Find out more about why we decided to launch the fund here.

How does the Charity Discount Fund work?

It’s pretty simple really. We will match every £1 we receive into our fund, so we can offer discounted places on our social welfare training courses to charities and community/voluntary organisations that couldn’t afford it otherwise.

The more volunteers and workers in the support system that understand the detail of benefits like Universal Credit and PIP the better – with up to date knowledge they will be able to give even better support to the people and communities that need their help, to hopefully enable them to recover from, or alleviate, the challenges and crises they are facing in their lives.

How much is the training usually?

Our prices are already set intentionally low, so our training is already fair and affordable. Individual course costs are included in course information – a one day Get to Grips with Universal Credit course, for example, delivered through our virtual classroom, is £145 + vat, which is amazing value for the complexity of our programme.

However charities have limited funds that need to stretch as far as possible, and this is the type of help that charities and community organisations can’t access through usual grant funds. So we really hope people will get on board to help, then we will match £ for £ any donations into the charity discount fund, to make the money go further and share social responsibility.

Why can’t we give the training for free?

We have given many free places to community and voluntary organisations since we launched our courses last year, but as a community interest company we have to cover our own costs for the design, development and delivery of our courses.

Another important factor is that we gift all of our profits to charity so it’s important we make a little! We’re hoping that people who can afford to make a donation into the fund will get behind us to be able to make their mark.

How much should I donate?

Donations to the Pay It Forward Charity Discount Fund start can be for any amount. Every £90 received into the discount fund will guarantee at least one place on one of our most complex social welfare training courses because we will match every pound, pound for pound.

Donors of £500 or more will be acknowledged as sponsors to course participants with their logo displayed in the virtual classroom as a big thank you, and we will provide you feedback on the difference that you’ve been able to make. Every pound counts so please give as much as you can afford – it will definitely make a difference.

How do I make a donation?

You can donate by credit or debit card by clicking on the donate button below, or alternatively just get in touch with us to discuss your donation and we can send you an invoice if that’s better for you.

My small charity needs this training – how do I get a discount?

If you get in touch with us and let us know why you think your volunteers or staff team would benefit from a place on the Get to Grips with Universal Credit or Get to Grips with PIP course, we will get back to you to talk it through with you within 2 working days. 

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