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With the help of our unique and affordable social welfare and welfare benefits training and support services, designed and delivered by experts who have acute, front-end knowledge, and with social value embedded at their very core, you can be sure we can help you to make your mark. 

Social welfare training for professionals

There’s no getting away from it, the social welfare system is complex. Our highly acclaimed, quality endorsed training courses and workshops have been designed to help front line delivery staff, call handlers, advisers, therapists, trainers, counsellors and employers to have a much clearer understanding of the social welfare issues being faced by the people they work with every day.

Customers tell us, over and over again, that our training has built their confidence as well as their knowledge of the social welfare support systems available, and of the challenges and opportunities that come with them. View all courses and workshops here.


 "The training course breaks everything about Universal Credit down into detail, and is very thorough"

Clair, Gateshead Housing Company

"The thought of Universal Credit training sent shivers down my spine, however this is just the best course I have been on and I highly recommend it"

Tina, Centrepoint Homeless Charity, Bradford

"Get to Grips with PIP" made it very easy to understand and once explained it takes away the mystery!"

Annie, Salvation Army

"The online Universal Credit training is an absolute must for those that deal with customers who receive welfare benefits including Universal Credit"

Jackie, Northumbrian Water

Work with us – you’ll be in good company …

We’re proud to have developed practical, honest partnerships with people and organisations that are as passionate as we are about building social value into their work, and we’d love to explore how we can work with you too.

Recent articles and news

Choice. Confusion. Change. Why families are not accessing DLA benefit for children.

DLA for children is a benefit that’s massively underclaimed, albeit there’s a real need for financial support for families with children who are disabled or have special support needs.

Bellway Homes sponsors Universal Credit training for charities

Building company Bellway has sponsored Universal Credit training for local charities

Has the £20 Universal Credit uplift extension just kicked the can further down the street?

How did we get here? Last April, in an early attempt to respond to the impact of Covid-19, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak,  introduced a temporary uplift for Universal Credit claimants of £20 a week. That might not sound like much in the scheme of things, you’d think? Wrong. it’s had such an impact on the families that have received it, that the potential of having it taken away would now be too much to bear. £20 a week means money in utility metres, food on the table, activities for...

Lunchtime Listen: Jayne Graham talks about careers in the community & voluntary sector

Tackling unemployment: careers in the Community and Voluntary sector   Michael Lemin (ncfe Head of Policy) is joined by Jayne Graham MBE (Executive Director at Society Matters cic), Rebecca Cooney (Senior Analysis and Features Writer at Third Sector), Glen Manners (Associate Director – Membership and Education at Charity People) and Stuart Campbell (Employability Manager at Home Group) to discuss the misconceptions about the sector, and the range of opportunities, including voluntary...

I’m on a mission to make a difference …

Liz Reid, Non-Executive Director of Society Matters cic, explains why she’s proud to be part of a social enterprise that is adding real social value.

Team helps IEP members with Universal Credit Webinar

We're so happy with our very first webinar, kindly hosted as a 'Live Learn Lunch' by the Institute of Employability Professionals mid December. We chose to talk about the 6 elements of Universal Credit, with an explanation of each element, and then a focus on how changes in circumstances can impact on people's claims, as well as some obvious references to adjustments associated with the Covid-19 pandemic. The webinar was formatted as a presentation from myself and Adam, followed by questions...

A career in the Community and Voluntary Sector, really?

Jayne Graham explores the CVS and career prospects in the sector.

Call for Community and Voluntary sector to complete short skills survey

The team at Society Matters needs to understand the gaps that exist because they are looking for ways to support the sector at a time when investing in training is not currently on the agenda

Do welfare benefits propel or prevent employment?

An exploration of how welfare benefits, although often cast as hindering employability, can actually enable employment for millions of people in the UK, and a call to action for a change of attitude to remove the stigma associated with welfare benefits for the benefit of those claiming them.

Society matters because …

… without it we are just survival of the fittest with no collective responsibility for individual members

Crystal Hicks

… it provides the opportunity to harness the resources of its component parts for the benefit of all.

Barry Taylor

 … humans need to belong. Within a society, we can help each other to live better.

Heather Lee

…  we’re only here once. If we don’t take our chance to make life better for everyone now, we’ll lose it.

Lee Booth

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