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You’re interested in making your mark by creating social value? This is very good news indeed. ‘Social value’ is easy to say, but not so easy to deliver. Just knowing where to start can be a real challenge. That’s where we come in.

With the help of our unique and affordable training and support services, designed and delivered by experts who have acute, front-end knowledge, and with social value embedded at their very core, you can be sure to make your mark. 

We’re proud to have developed practical, honest partnerships with people and organisations that are as passionate as we are about building social value into their work, and we’d love to explore how we can work with you too.

You’ll be in good company …

Social Welfare Training and Development for Professionals

 "The training course breaks everything about Universal Credit down into detail, and is very thorough"

Clair, Gateshead Housing Company

"The thought of Universal Credit training sent shivers down my spine, however this is just the best course I have been on and I highly recommend it"

Tina, Centrepoint Homeless Charity, Bradford

"Get to Grips with PIP" made it very easy to understand and once explained it takes away the mystery!"

Annie, Salvation Army

"The online Universal Credit training is an absolute must for those that deal with customers who receive welfare benefits including Universal Credit"

Jackie, Northumbrian Water



Make your mark through our services for society

Here’s what we have to offer so far – there’s more to come, so if you don’t see what you need we’re all ears! Through working with Society Matters you be be able to:

Deliver social value through your business

Get the CSR policy off the shelf and put it to good use with our help

Boost the social impact of your support services

Take part in our unique quality accredited social welfare training

Secure equality and fairness in your workplace

Get access to affordable employment law and tribunal services

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Make a real difference with your business development talents

If you are a service sector business development professional who has a deep interest in social welfare and societal matters, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to make a real difference with your business development talents.

Bellway Homes sponsors Universal Credit training for charities

Building company Bellway has sponsored Universal Credit training for local charities

Has the £20 Universal Credit uplift extension just kicked the can further down the street?

How did we get here? Last April, in an early attempt to respond to the impact of Covid-19, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak,  introduced a temporary uplift for Universal Credit claimants of £20 a week. That might not sound like much in the scheme of things, you’d...

Lunchtime Listen: Jayne Graham talks about careers in the community & voluntary sector

Tackling unemployment: careers in the Community and Voluntary sector   Michael Lemin (ncfe Head of Policy) is joined by Jayne Graham MBE (Executive Director at Society Matters cic), Rebecca Cooney (Senior Analysis and Features Writer at Third Sector), Glen...

I’m on a mission to make a difference …

Liz Reid, Non-Executive Director of Society Matters cic, explains why she’s proud to be part of a social enterprise that is adding real social value.

Team helps IEP members with Universal Credit Webinar

We're so happy with our very first webinar, kindly hosted as a 'Live Learn Lunch' by the Institute of Employability Professionals mid December. We chose to talk about the 6 elements of Universal Credit, with an explanation of each element, and then a focus on how...

A career in the Community and Voluntary Sector, really?

Jayne Graham explores the CVS and career prospects in the sector.

Call for Community and Voluntary sector to complete short skills survey

The team at Society Matters needs to understand the gaps that exist because they are looking for ways to support the sector at a time when investing in training is not currently on the agenda

Do welfare benefits propel or prevent employment?

An exploration of how welfare benefits, although often cast as hindering employability, can actually enable employment for millions of people in the UK, and a call to action for a change of attitude to remove the stigma associated with welfare benefits for the benefit of those claiming them.

PIP Claims and how to get the basics right

The stakes are high when you’re supporting someone with a PIP Claim. We explore 5 key factors that will improve your chances of making a successful claim.

Survival of the fittest? Disability benefits in practice

A high proportion of claims for Personal Independence Payments are unsuccessful. Is the claims process for this disability benefit ironically designed for the survival of the fittest?

Durham business funds community social welfare training

A family-owned funeral service that has served the local community for almost 50 years throughout East Durham is the latest business to 'pay it forward' to sponsor the Durham community sector to access vital social welfare training in partnership with Society Matters....

Society Matters cic and North East Chamber of Commerce: Perfect Partners

Society Matters cic is a proud member of the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC) and we are thrilled to be highlighted in their 'Meet the Member' feature. Membership of NECC is vitally important to us as it allows us to reach out to our many fellow members and talk...

We’re now Corporate Affiliate Partners of the Institute of Employability Professionals

Society Matters cic has joined the Institute of Employability Professionals. We mobilise knowledge to make the system work for everyone so supporting the people and organisations that are focused on removing barriers to employment is a huge priority for us.

Gateshead businesses support local army veterans’ charity to deepen their impact

Gateshead businesses support local army veterans’ charity to deepen their impact Gateshead company Geek Talent has become the first to donate to a new ‘Pay it Forward’ Charity Discount Fund Scheme recently launched by Gateshead social enterprise Society Matters cic....

Your employees need you to Get Business Ready for Universal Credit …

Society Matters cic is launching its Get Business Ready for Universal Credit workshop with a free course for employers across the North East region to take place on Wednesday 12th August between 4 and 6.30 pm.

Don’t take it from us. This is what our customers have said about our Get to Grips with PIP online training course!

Our customers tell us what they think about our Get to Grips with PIP online training course in these short video messages.

6 things employers need to think about before making staff redundant

Here are the top 6 pieces of advice employment law and discrimination specialist Richard Owen would offer to employers to ensure they don’t fall foul of their legal responsibilities to their staff during these difficult times

Covid19 has infected the very foundations of our society

If you think in terms of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, we really have seen the Covid-19 virus has infected society’s absolute foundations, with people’s basic physical and security needs being thoroughly tested.

Employment Tribunals continue digitally during Covid19 pandemic

Although from our own discussions with clients it seems the general assumption is that, like the courts, the Tribunals are not operating during the pandemic, this isn’t the case

Will the pandemic help us to get a grip of Universal Credit?

Social Welfare Instructor Adam Matthews talks through the learning about Universal Credit that the pandemic has offered to Government

Why we need to make sure the system works for everyone

In this short video Director of Society Matters cic, Jayne Graham MBE, gives us a little insight into why Society Matters is playing such an important role in making the social welfare system work, and how you can get involved.

Pay It Forward Charity Discount Fund launches

Society Matters is launching a Pay It Forward Discount Fund to help community and voluntary sector organisations to access important social welfare training.

10 point checklist for employers worried about getting back-to-business

10 point checklist to help socially responsible employers to plan
getting back to business as we start to move into Covid-19 recovery.

What it means to be a ‘socially responsible corporate’

We think there doesn’t need to be much of a gap between the objectives of sound marketing strategy and a well-planned commitment to championing social value.

Northumbrian Water gives thumbs up to online UC training

Society Matters has taken its unique Universal Credit training online and Northumbrian Water is their first satisfied customer

We’re expanding to meet high demand for our services for society

Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 causing the postponement of UK-wide face to face delivery, we saw a sharp increase in demand for our specialist training in Universal Credit; so rather than be defeated we decided to step up a gear.

Mythbusting facts about Universal Credit

We get help from Citizens Advice Gateshead welfare benefits experts to put right some of the key misconceptions about Universal Credit

Getting to Grips with Universal Credit Training Course Newcastle 13th May 2020

“This is just the best course I’ve been on and I didn’t think I would ever say that about Universal Credit training!”

New Video Help Series | Personal Independence Payments (PIP)

Personal Independence Payments (also known as PIP) video help series released to help the support system to improve their knowledge

Dealing with unfair treatment at work

We asked our employment law team
about how to spot unfair treatment in the workplace and what to do about it.

WHERE NEXT? TRAINING – Gateshead | October 2019

Where Next? Training Where Next? is a free short course for people in Gateshead who are considering their options for getting back into work. - Learn about how to make the most of your money living on a tight budget- Discover how you can volunteer locally to build...

Accredited Learning Centre status for Gateshead social enterprise

Society Matters CIC has been awarded Approved Centre status by national accredited learning body ncfe

Society matters because …

… without it we are just survival of the fittest with no collective responsibility for individual members

Crystal Hicks

… it provides the opportunity to harness the resources of its component parts for the benefit of all.

Barry Taylor

 … humans need to belong. Within a society, we can help each other to live better.

Heather Lee

…  we’re only here once. If we don’t take our chance to make life better for everyone now, we’ll lose it.

Lee Booth

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